How to style men’s Hair and Dress for New Year’s eve 2014 – Mens Fashion Tips

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Men’s style for New Year’s 2014 Hair products online – …

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Slikhaar TV says:

How to Style and Dress for new Year’s eve 2014.

Rich Norwegian says:

The hair is nice and all, but what really gets you there is looking like
David Beckhams younger brother ;) 

Tony says:

lol that was funny

Fernando Lopez says:

Great job guys! 

cmcollection says:

Great style! Love the blue and black combo!

greenday1347 says:

I learn something new on your channel every video.

BKi7Prod says:

Lmao he called the bowtie , butterflies

lobniklukas says:

I’ll look like absolute dogshit in comparison to your style :D
Seriously, one has to be jealous ’cause you’re looking abolutely fresh!

Arcangel FC says:

Class over swag 

Magicman786R10 says:

Awesome, fresh, clean and classic

TehMadPvP says:

Ha, gay!

Deniz Oktay says:

His english gave me cancer bro :D 

Mervin Pineda says:


sTyxPC says:

Hey Guys! Can someone tell me what this hairstyle is called? Or what should
I tell the barber if I want this hairstyle?

Eduardo Mejia says:

INTRO SONG PLEASE? Who ends at 0:06

Mike Brown says:

Best hairstyle !

Ozil Khaliqhi says:

You got the best hair ever bro! Can you make a video and tell us how to
keep a healthy hair please? Thanks :) 

Connor Macaree says:

I have really thick hair what hair product would be good at the moment I
use hairbond

MrMelonMan96 says:

Love the hair tutorial and you looked hella sharp. keep the vids coming!

Edwin Flores says:

Like a boss!

ThiiPlaysson says:


Trendliners says:

Very good all time classic hair and clothe style. Accessories and some
details will make the difference and bring you to 2014 ;) 

Henry Lee says:

I’d like to know how to do the hairstyle at 0:14 in the video. It has a lot
of volume and you can show us how to do it

iKamicasDT says:

Swaaag bro

Tara Nguyen says:

whoa 50 inch chest. That’s massive ;]

Marco Giacon says:

This beats swags ass any day

aron corona says:

nice vid! i wish my wair would go back as easily as yours 

roswell lezcano says:

I would like to see a video about How to style and dress for a 15

Charlie Watt says:

Smooth and cool man I like it

Ayato Brea says:

I wish I could be as Handsome as You

Austin Brown says:

I liked the hairstyle in the very beginning the best it looked great

dec nolan says:

Hairstyle in this video was sweet

herman yau says:

Best video ever!!!

Francesco Salzillo says:

What kind of spray did you use in this video?

Jackie Rom says:

Hey guys could you wish me a happy b-day on New year’s eve please… 

Andrea Mansouri says:

You have an amazing look

gnparticle says:

You look awesome.

Mimouni Sabri says:

I want to buy one

Moccertje says:

Should do more videos for different hair types, like short hair, curly,
wavy hair etc… still love the vids though good job!

Mohammed. Al.A says:

That`s agood suit

LJ7925 says:

Great video Emil 

Prince Onerr says:

I think Emil should post a video on how he gets his haircut and all those
details because he just shows us how to style it but how we gunna do that
with out the right hair cut like this comment if u think the same ? •_•

MrBlueAnthony says:

Emill get a haircut on the top

marcos montiel says:

I like your hairstyle in 0:20 is there any tutorial for that?

joseph Gordon says:

dude, i am so jeolous of your hair

Aidil Nradl says:

Curious of ur hair care routine… your hair is soo healthy and shiny!!! I
have a wavy hair and its freakking dry… D; hope u can do a haircare type
of video :D 

Hannes Linné says:

Great look! Not sure about the blue/black though. Also, a request for
upcoming videos: José Callejón’s hairstyle and cut.

Bashkim Selmani says:

Fantastic video guys

Sam Laughlin says:

How to style like Alex turner!

andrewjones383 says:

he’s absolutely handsome, the hair style is awesome and classic.

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